The Ultimate Guide To Game Today

The hottest top games today aren’t those depicting high-tech milieus and futuristic storylines. Instead, more online players now seek the seemingly simpler yet more mentally complex games that challenge their intellect and speed. For example, Mahjong is strongly gathering popularity among virtual gamers. This quietly intense game is derived from the original game of the same name. A top game that held many Asian aunties and grandmother occupied for long days in the old times, its addictive nature is now also the cause of many sleepless nights in front of the computer.

Mahjong Leads Today’s Top Games

The classic Mahjong is played as a table game. It is a game that required clever strategies, mathematical skills and cunning abilities. Its popularity in Asia has generated many myths around the game and about the symbolisms which are already has a mythological nature to begin with. The ivory tiles bear dragon emblems, elemental symbols, icons, number and letters that represent virtues and classical lessons. Actually, even the great philosopher Confucuis is said to have been a mahjong lover, and is believed by some to possess a hand in developing the guidelines of the game.

Mahjong Moves to Top Game Billing

Today, Mahjong online has generated a variety of variations depicting various themes and premises. For example, the World’s Greatest Places Mahjong is among the leading top games that players download to their computers. For this version, players get to virtually travel to the brand new Seven Wonders of the World. The new locations are based from votes from almost 100 million people. But the selected points remain a secret, and players can only just discover the names of these wonderful places as they make an effort to clear the boards that may reveal the answers. With soothing music and wonderfully bright visuals, players will feel as if they have indeed made an adventure all over the world with this top game.

Modern Mahjong Variations are Top Games Today

Another Mahjong version for the modern player is Mahjong Memoirs. This edition banks on the exotic and Oriental theme of the classic game. It features an illicit wartime romance that will definitely add another layer of meaning to the timeless symbols found in Mahjong tiles. As the player wins each rounds, he is granted trophies, special badges, and usage of innovative features of the game. What’s more, the player gets to slowly unravel the forbidden love story which makes this version a really moving encounter. With sweeping vocals and stunning Japanese art, this Mahjong edition will undoubtedly be forever counted as among the top games that make a most remarkable virtual experience.