Is Sleeping with Makeup On, A Very Bad Idea?

Yes, it is indeed not a good idea at all. Here we will tell you why it is not safe at all. When we have all the energy to do almost everything in the world, why we don’t have time for this small thing!

Make-up is a part of everyone’s routine and removing it before going to sleep at night should also be a part of your night-time routine. We have some things called wipes, cotton pads, which help us remove the makeup quickly. Now, we have the most natural way to wipe off our face and i.e., reusable face pads. The Willow Trader would be a good choice for you. They have the best quality reusable cotton pads in the UKwhich are all made from renewable material and processes.

So, here we will make you understand why it is not good to keep makeup on while sleeping:

  1. This can cause acne or breakouts. As you are wearing this foundation all day, there is dust and oil settled on them. So, if you don’t clean them even while you sleep then this may cause clogged pores and the result would be acne or breakouts, which I am sure will be the last thing you want on your face.
  2. This can make you look dull and aged the next morning. You wear make-up to look better and beautiful, but keeping them on till the next morning will make it settle on your creases and fine lines, which will result in dull skin. This makes the whole purpose of wearing makeup a total waste.
  3. When it comes to adding an anti-aging cream to your skin, you do it to lower the risk of wrinkles or blemishes on your skin. However, if you wear them on your make-up itself then the result would be close to null. As it won’t work well with any other chemicals added to your skin. It needs to be used on clear and clean skin.
  4. It is worse for people with oily skin or acne already. As this makeup will make it even worse for you. I am sure you wouldn’t want to increase the dirt on your skin and the only solution is cleaning it before bedtime.
  5. The other things are it may be harmful to your skin to keep the makeup on for a longer duration as these items have perfumes and chemicals in them. This may result in inflammation and cause problems to your skin causing infection or rashes too.

So, even if you are tired at the end of the day activity, remember that taking care of yourself should be of utmost importance. Keeping your face healthy and clean will make you glow and beautiful. Just follow some steps that you need to follow every day or we can say every night before you go to bed. Use reusable wipes or cotton pads and look beautiful forever. You can consult a dermatologist too for any products that you are not sure of.