Cleaning gutters and downspouts: how to prepare for autumn

The cleaning gutters and downspouts definitely are not a pleasant job, but you still need to complete at least once a year to maintain the efficiency of your property, commercial or residential and avoid leaks and other problems.


We recommend cleaning the gutters and downspouts before autumn arrives, after the leaves have already fallen, but before the harsh weather and snow begins. This is very important to avoid the formation of hard-to-remove ice sheets and other blockages. However, it should not be forgotten that it is also essential to clear the gutters and downspouts in the spring and before the start of heavy rains. Here are all the steps you will need to follow to complete a job in the best way and with little effort.


Choose the right clothing


Cleaning gutters and downspouts is definitely a dirty job. Therefore it will be necessary to wear pants and long-sleeved shirts, gloves and a hat. You might also consider wearing latex gloves under your work gloves. This system will allow you to always have dry hands, even when you have to remove wet debris and water-soaked leaves.

Get the right equipment

Once you have established the day to clean your gutters and downspouts, you will need to get the right equipment. Specifically, you will need:

  • a sturdy extendable ladder ;
  • two buckets ;
  • a water pipe long enough to reach the gutters;
  • a small shovel or trowel.

When possible, attach the buckets firmly to the ladder: in one, you will put the shovel and in the other, you will need to collect the earth, sticks, leaves, and the rest of the debris that clogs your gutters. Thanks to this system you will be able to carry out your work more efficiently and quickly, avoiding continually go up and down the ladder.

Start with the downspouts

A good way to clean gutters and downspouts is to start with the coarsest debris. The first step, therefore, will be to remove all the leaves, pieces of wood, and anything else that causes clogging of the downspouts. You’ll start by removing the extension of the rain, when present, to easily move to the lower opening. This step is essential, especially when the downspout is connected to an underground drain.

After all, the function of the downspouts is to direct the water away from the foundations of the house and when obstructed they can cause humidity and other serious problems to the structure of the building.

To understand when the downspouts are very dirty, just run water from top to bottom. If the quantity of water coming out of the base is less than that inserted in the upper part, then it means that there is an obstruction to be eliminated without hesitation. Therefore, make sure you are wearing gloves and with the help of the spatula collect all the dirt you can reach. Finally, rinse the extension of the downspout thoroughly using the garden hose.

Make the gutters shine

After taking care of the downspouts it is time to work on the gutters, placing the ladder in the center of a section so that you can work more comfortably and proceed gradually. You will be able to rinse the gutters using a high-powered spray nozzle to be applied to the water pipe. Generally, with this system, you will be able to eliminate most of the debris, but in case of particularly stubborn dirt, you will have to consider the possibility of using or renting a hydro-cleaner. In other cases, a leaf blower may also come in handy.

Check the results of your work

The cleaning gutters and downspouts can occupy much of your free time over the weekend. A full day or two can usually be enough. However, when there is a lot of debris to be removed and the weather conditions are unfavorable, you will be forced to stop to resume work the following days.

Once the downspouts and gutters are clean, all you have to do is rinse for the last time, paying attention to any water spills or leaks. In the first case, you will have to remove the dirt that causes clogging and in the second make the necessary repairs. It also checks for the presence of stagnant water that collects at a certain point to restore the slope of the gutter. This is a maintenance job that you will not be able to postpone, as it is necessary to ensure that the water can flow freely towards the downspout.

In the end, you will be able to feel satisfied with the results obtained, despite the fatigue and some hitches due to the wear of the gutters.

Stress-free cleaning of gutters and downspouts

Before you start cleaning the gutters and downspouts you will need to do your own assessments because this project, more often than not, may require you to get on the roof and use professional tools. In order to guarantee your safety, you can ask another person to help you to hold the ladder firmly or to open and close the water. In the case of encrusted dirt, the water pipe may not be sufficient. In any case, we advise you to always clean while remaining on the ladder without climbing on the roof, always waiting for sunny days with little wind.

When you feel that you have no experience in the field, with cleaning work on stairs or you simply do not feel comfortable with heights it is always better to request a professional cleaning service of gutters and downspouts, which will also allow you to save a lot of effort and time.

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